choice of:

Yellow Lentil Hummus  (V)

injera chips


Roasted Pickled Beets (V/GF)

orange zest, thyme olive oil


Crispy Green Lentil Roll   (V)

horn spice balsamic reduction

Roasted Cauliflower Salad  (V)

seasonal greens, pickled onions paradise dressing

Injera Taco (2)

berbere chicken, ayib farmers cheese, collard greens, pickled peppers


Sweet Chili Wings 

bird’s eye chili, soy glaze


choice of:

Lamb Stew (GF)

yellow split peas, green garbanzo, smoked carrots

‘Teriyaki Crispy Beef’  ‘Derek Tibs’

sweet tangy soy glaze, jalapeno, onion, injera


Doro Wat

chicken, berbere, tomato, onion, hard poached egg,

smoked carrots and cabbage



lean seasoned beef, mitmita, ayib, collard greens


Vegetable Sampler

Smoked Carrots & Cabbage – Collard Greens – Yellow Split Peas & Red Lentils  - Injera



choice of:

Housemade Sorbet


Pistachio Napoleon

coconut butter glaze, rose syrup, pistachio oil

#RWDMV 2017

January 22 - 28                

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