Etete.  The nickname that was given to Chef Tiwaltengus, which means Mom.  Because of her caring loving demeanor and personality, Etete earned this name over the years.  She made no distinction, but enjoyed feeding everyone she met.  Cooking always came naturally.  It was not only a passion, but a way to gather family and friends.  Her children understood her passion and opened Etete Restaurant in 2004.  Since opening, Etete has been featured on CNN, Food Network, Travel Channel, and Washington Post.

Tiwaltengus Shenegelegne


Mom Etete & Chef Roberson

Chef Roberson's first encountered Vidalia in Washington, DC, under the leadership of Chef and Owner Jeffrey Buben.  It was there Christopher learned the concepts of intent and focus understanding the professional nature of the business, beyond the basic cooking technique.

Over the years he found himself exposed to the cuisines of multiple cultures. He studied, explored, and began to imbue his work with styles from around the world.Much of his work bridges the palettes between the cultures, and he continues to blend them into his style






Chef Christopher Roberson

Photo Credit:Deb Lindsey